Navigating Your Financial Future: Estate Planning with Betsey Rubel

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Kennedy Financial Group is joined on 6/24/20 by Elisabeth J. Rubel to discuss estate planning during the COVID-19 crisis and to talk about an update on why the stock market is so crazy along with the recently passed CARES Act.

It’s no question that COVID-19 has led to some uncertainty about the financial markets, the government, and our daily lives. Kennedy Financial Group Advisors, Brandon Kennedy and Steven Fronrath, and Estate Planning Attorney, Elisabeth J. Rubel sat down recently to provide some clarification regarding these matters .

Why is the market so crazy and what does it mean for me?
Brandon discussed the fatal four words the media likes to pull out during times of crisis- “This time it’s different.” While situationally, a global pandemic may not be something we have ever experienced, market fluctuations are something we have seen time and time again. Declines aren’t new. In their conversation, Brandon provides information about staying the course and the importance of having a plan when it comes to your finances.

Am I aware of all of the ways the CARES Act impacts me and my family?
As it turns out, there may be some additional benefits beyond your stimulus check and the Paycheck Protection Program that can provide relief to you and your family. Steven discusses:
-Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) being waived for 2020
-The IRA contribution deadline being extended to July 15, 2020
-More opportunities for Roth IRA Conversions

I know I need to get an estate plan started, but how do I do that right now?
While talking about what would happen to you if you are disabled or pass away is never a pleasant conversation, an estate plan is important to have and while you are at home and social distancing may be the perfect time to get one started. Elisabeth (Betsey) J. Rubel, an Estate Planning Attorney who has been practicing as a solo practitioner for over 20 years, explains the basics of what an estate plan is, what documents are involved, and how you can set up a meeting with her today all while social distancing.

If you have additional questions for Betsey, you can reach her at (248) 635-5028 or

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