Investing in Innovation: Opportunities for Investment in a COVID-19 World

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It’s no question that COVID-19 has led to some uncertainty about the financial markets, the government, and our daily lives. Kennedy Financial Group Advisors, Brandon Kennedy and Steven Fronrath, and Vice President with Franklin Templeton Investments recently sat down recently to provide insight on how we can find optimism in today’s markets.

Practicing Radical Acceptance and Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps

Tumultuous markets, the government’s actions, and viruses are all things that we have zero control over. What we can control is our behavior in the face of those things. Thankfully, through his “7 Baby Steps,” Dave Ramsey provides an excellent outline for not only building wealth throughout our lives but making sure we stay safe and sane during times like these.

During our July webinar, Steven and Brandon provided a detailed explanation for each of the seven steps and how they can be practically implemented in our daily lives.

Hope in Disruption & Investing in Innovation

It is safe to say that if you’re watching the news right now (or ever, really), you probably will not find tremendous amounts of optimism. However, history has shown us that even in times of hardship, we find opportunity.

Nick Horton, Vice President with Franklin Templeton Investments, joined us to take a look at evolving technologies over time. Through this evolution, there are ways we can take advantage of these opportunities in our financial lives, invest with optimism, and find hope in the midst of tumultuous markets and the “doom and gloom” focused media.

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