Michigan Auto Insurance Reform Have You Confused? This May Help!

Lauren Kukawinski Tips for Your Money

The recent Michigan Auto Insurance Reform left a lot of us asking some important questions:

 “Do I need to switch my insurance coverage immediately?” 
“What is an umbrella policy?” 
“What exactly do these changes mean for me and my family?”

Thankfully, Senior Insurance Specialist at Lifetime Insurance, David Lage was able to shed some light on this topic.

During our recent interview, he discussed what these changes mean for you, a common mistake people make when choosing auto insurance coverage and when these changes actually need to be made (Fun Fact: you may have more time to make a decision than you think). For more information regarding the Michigan Auto Insurance Reform, be sure to watch this full interview.

Have more questions for David? You can contact him at (248) 987-0499 or email dave@insswitch.com

Dave Lage is not affiliated with Kennedy Financial Group or LPL Financial.