Planning for your
best financial life.

When you partner with us, you get a promise that we will always put your best interests above our own. It is our mission to help families make smart decisions about their finances for a lifetime.

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Why A Financial Advisor?


Providing plain English advice.


Working for you, not Wall Street.


Helping hundreds of families.

When it comes to your financial life,
you've got a lot on your mind.

The thought of planning out your financial life can be overwhelming. We get it. In this day in age, there’s more choices than ever and sorting through them can become a full time job. We have a proven process to act as a guide to help you sort through this.

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We Follow A Comprehensive Process

We Begin By Listening

We begin by learning about you, your family and your financial situation. What is the money for? What are you planning for?

We Focus on Your Plan

Next we focus on designing, aligning and consolidating a plan based on experience. We want to act, not react.

We Review Together Regularly

Finally, we setup regular reviews to communicate, course correct and refine our plan in an ongoing process.

Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro.

Brandon Kennedy is a SmartVestor Pro who is dedicated to understanding his clients' financial concerns. With a heart of a teacher, he provides customized, independent and objective financial advice to help his clients work toward financial independence.

More About Our Affiliation

Stressing About Finances? What Keeps You Up At Night?

Addressing Major Life Changes

Did you change jobs? Entering retirement? We’ll work with you to develop a game-plan to make sense of your new normal.

Where To Put Your Money

Whether you’re paying off debt, saving for retirement or college, or making some lifestyle spending decisions, we’ll help you clarify where to direct your funds.

Being Properly Invested

Investing in a 401k or 403b? Maybe you already have an advisor? We’ll take a second look to make sure you’re on the right track and give you peace of mind.

Protecting What You Have

We begin with honest conversations about your experiences with money, your short and long term goals, and what’s currently in place.

Paying for College

College tuition is daunting. Remember, in just 390 paychecks your 3 year old is going to be graduating high school.

Getting started

Retirement seems so far away. How much do I save? Where should I save it? There’s no account minimums here. No account is too small to get started.

Brandon Kennedy: Your Personal Financial Planner.

Whether you're just starting your financial journey or planning for your retirement -- we are here to help guide, teach and diversify your financial footprint.

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