Join Us March 12, 2018 at the Smart Money Conference in Troy

Join Us March 12, 2018 at the Smart Money Conference in Troy


What is the Smart Money Tour?

Smart Money will give you Dave Ramsey’s 7-step proven plan for dumping debt and building wealth. You’ll leave with a clear vision for your family’s financial future. Whether you’re living paycheck to paycheck, need to reset your family’s financial plan and get back on track, or if you’re already seeing success with the 7 Baby Steps – Smart Money will encourage you and ensure that you continue down the right path.

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How are We Involved?

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to co-sponsor this event and bring some of the Dave Ramsey team for a live event in our home town of Troy, at Zion Church on Livernois.

Brandon has had the opportunity to meet and learn from featured speakers Chris Hogan and Anthony ONeal at various partnership events over the years. They are both dynamic speakers and it’s sure to a motivating evening. Please take advantage of our discount code below. We hope to see you there.

ENTER PROMO CODE “SMARTVESTOR25” for 25% off your order (except for the already discounted couples pass)

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It’s sure to be an unforgettable night with the Ramsey team. Don’t forget to take a minute to drop by our SmartVestor booth and say hello. We hope to see you there.

For more information from us, give our office a call at 248-528-0485 or email